Did you know?

Even though there are about 9 million people willing to donate bone marrow, the donor’s DNA needs to be so close to the recipient’s DNA that 2/3 of people who NEED bone marrow will not get it in time to save their lives.  Only about one in 540 willing donors will be able to.

There is a very slim chance that YOU have the bone marrow someone needs to continue living, but they just don’t know you. YET.

Testing is painless and often free. And new advances in medical technology have made it possible to donate with not much more than slight discomfort.

YOU can save a life. Start the process at www.BeTheMatch.org today!

We are always accepting donations to help our cause.  You can make a BIG difference with your monetary gift!

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Someone is waiting for you…
Time is of the essence.  Please don’t hesitate.
You may just save a life.

Please tell us how you got to this page and whether or not this page or other promotional materials made you decide to join the registry.  It’s easy – just send an email to vistor@canisavealife.com

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